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Summer 2009 at the river

Palm Springs Family Get Away Sept, 2009

Dad & Kay in their Roaring 20's costumes for a dinner party

Dad & Kay in their Roaring 20's costumes for a dinner party

Dennis March, 2009

Dennis March, 2009

First ever Meet Up. San V July 12, 2008 First Official Meet Up at San V from wakeboardsd on Vimeo.

Labor Day 2007

Lake Powell houseboat trip Aug 10-16, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party Shelley's 25th, May 3, 2007

Misc pics April, 2007

Dennis wakesurfing at El Capitan Feb 18, 2007

Dennis chillin' in the back of the boat at El Capitan Feb 18, 2007

Shelley, Dennis, Shaun at Dan's Quartz Hill house, Xmas 2006

Dennis (mistakenly being called Steve Colluci) riding at the Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club Tournament in Lake Elsinore. Then my buddy Gene wins the Masters Division in the second half of the video. Sept 9, 2006

Canyon Lake Wakeboard Tournament at Lake Elsinore, Sept 9, 2006

Labor Day weekend 2006 at Dad's, and at Bede and Ed's - also a couple from the A.V. fair

Some shots of the sun shot at Dad's house, Sept 3, 2006

Yours truly carving up the glass at San V, Aug 20, 2006

An awesome cloud, sunset August 22, 2006

Canyon Lake Learn To Ride July 22, 2006. That's me in the red shorts. Sorry, no face in the pic...

Canyon Lake Learn To Ride Look at those water conditions! Glass until 3:30 pm! Yow, baby!

Canyon Lake Learn To Ride Brent (instructor) standing--me immediately to his left (sitting)

Me on the local lake, June, 2006

The last BBQ with the grand kids before they moved to Idaho

4th of July 2006 at Dad's house

4th of July 2006 at Dennis's house

Three videos from the 4th of July Weekend party at Dad's house.
Click here.

Beach Trip June 18, 2006

Shelley's new car 1 2 3 Mar 26, 2006

Pics of Dennis, Shelley, Justin and Caitlyn, Mar 4, 2006

Dad in our backyard on Hamlet Ave, 1968

Four pictures of Dad at the Somerset house in Lancaster in the summer of 1968 1 2 3 4

Dad & Mom's Mom's Senior Prom picture cover 1955

Dad & Mom's Mom's Senior Prom picture 1955

Dad & Mom's Wedding booklet cover

Dad & Mom's Wedding booklet

Dad & Mom's Wedding invitation

Dad & Mom's Wedding announcement

Dad & Mom's Wedding announcement in the paper

Shaun's birth announcment - they spelled his name wrong!

Antelope Valley businessmen, Sept 1, 1981 Dennis at WGN

Some program booklets from Allied Gardens American Little League
Dennis on the Padres in the Caps
1966 cover and roster
Dennis on the Tigers in the Majors
1968 cover and roster
Dennis on the Tigers in the Majors
1969 cover and roster

My Uncle Bud's grave info at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery in Point Loma

Mom in a Chevy SSR 2005

Dennis's Birthday 2005

First day of school 2005, Justin 2nd Grade, Caitlyn 1st Grade Loma Elementary
Justin & Caitlyn --- Justin --- Caitlyn

4th of July, 2005 Grandpa Bob and Grandma Kay's house
-- Shaun, Kaleena, Nicole, Shelley

Boat trip June 26, 2005 includes Lele's first time on the tube!

Boat trip June 12, 2005

Karen's birthday June 10, 2005

Dennis in the backyard picture 1 picture 2 May 29, 2005

Boat trip May 26, 2005

Some pictures of the boat with new wakeboarding tower and speakers, May 2005 1 2 3

Shelley's birthday party May 8, 2005

Caitlyn Easter, 2005

Justin & his granddad Easter, 2005

Kyle Easter, 2005

Justin 7th birthday

Kyle & LeeAnna during Justin's 7th birthday party

Justin & his mom during his 7th birthday party

Kay in Death Valley March, 2005

Marsia's birthday party March 15, 2005

Take a drink, kick your head back and say ahhhhhhhh.....
Dennis & Lele, January 27, 2005

Nicole, Caitlyn, Kaleena January, 2005

Nicole & Kaleena January, 2005

Nicole & Caleb Winter Dance, January, 2005

Kaleena, Shelley and her friend, Jill Ready to prowl, Dec 31, 2005

Nicole's 17th birthday party January 27, 2005

San Diego Wild Animal Park January 16, 2005

Three pictures of Caitlyn and LeeAnna Dec 31, 2004 1 2 3

Christmas 2004

Shaun driving the boat circa 2001

Halloween 2004

The grandkids Oct 20, 2004: Justin Caitlyn Kyle LeeAnna

Nicole & Caleb Homecoming Oct 23, 2004

Boat trip Oct 10, 2004

Justin & Caitlyn at the sandcastle competition in Ocean Beach, July 11, 2004 1 2 3

Boat trip Oct 2, 2004

My newly remodeled kitchen August, 2004

Kay in Valley Press article Fall, 2004

Kaleena's 22nd birthday party, Aug 26, 2004 at Marisa's house

Boat trip Aug 15, 2004

Justin & Caitlyn's 1st Day of school 2004

Dennis 7/4/04 (1)

Dennis 7/4/04 (2)

LeeAnna's 1st Birthday pictures: 1 2 3 4 5

Some pictures from May, 2004

The Grandkids Come to Visit 6/12/04

Memorial Day 2004 at my Dad's house

Justin's t-ball game May 8, 2004

Justin playing some old Atari video games April 17, 2004

Shelley & Kyle April 17, 2004

Justin playing t-ball March 27, 2004

LeeAnna March, 2004

Kyle and LeeAnna March, 2004

LeeAnna January, 2004

Nicole 2004

Shelley and Nicole 2003

Christmas Eve 2003 at Dennis's house

Christmas Day 2003, an incredible display by Mother Nature

Dennis at Torrey Pines, Aug 31, 2003

Justin & Caitlyn getting cleaned up Aug, 2003

Dennis & the grandkids Aug 16, 2003 boat trip

Boat Trip Aug 16, 2003

Justin, Caitlyn & Nicole

Nicole's 1st time driving the boat, mid 1990s

Nicole & Kaleena 2003

A fun day at the beach August 2, 2003

Pictures from 8/1/03
Caitlyn, another of her and this one of Justin & Caitlyn snoozing

Boat Trip July 20, 2003

Shelley's new Explorer July 17, 2003

Boat Trip June 26, 2003
Dennis, Justin, Kaleena, Nicole, her friend Tiffany, little Justin and Caitlyn

Leanna June 16, 2003, the day of her birth

Justin at his t-ball game May 20, 2003

Caitlyn being silly, May 10, 2003

Dennis & Shelley April 2, 2003

Justin's 3rd t- ball game--March 29, 2003

Caitlyn showing off her new outfit Mar 23, 2003

Justin Mar 22, 2003

Justin's 1st t-ball Game

Justin's 5th Birthday Party

Kyle's 1st Birthday Party

Xmas at Mom's 2002

Xmas at Dad's 2002

Xmas at Dennis's 2002

Dec 21, 2002
Dennis, Shelley, Kaleena, Justin, Caitlyn

Pictures of the new truck, December 2002

Justin, Caitlyn, & Kyle Dec 7, 2002

Caitlyn's 3rd Birthday Party Nov 2, 2002

Kaleena & Nicole Nov 2, 2002

Dennis & Kyle Nov 2, 2002

Justin, Caitlyn & Kyle Halloween 2002

Dennis as the Minister of Death for Halloween 2002

Another shot of the Minister of Death

Our Halloween Clan 2002

Minister of Death putting a spell on the Man on Safari

Another shot of Dennis & Kyle Nov 2, 2002

Justin & Caitlyn Oct 5, 2002 after the fire station open house

Justin & Caitlyn another picture after the fire station open house

A family boat trip to the lake, August 11, 2002. Click each number to get the series of pictures. Includes Marisa, Kaleena, Nicole, Shelley, Dennis, big Justin and little Justin.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Justin April, 2002

Caitlyn taking a snooze, April, 2002

Baby Kyle March, 2002

Baby Kyle March, 2002 with brother Justin and sister Caitlyn

Baby Kyle March, 2002 with brother Justin

Tony Gwynn's Last Day as a Padre October 7, 2001

Tony Gwynn's Last Day as a Padre October 7, 2001

Sea World August, 2001

Kaleena's Birthday 2001

Nicole and Dennis, late 1990's at Disneyland

Little Justin's 2nd birthday

And his birthday cake

Little Justin playing a little basketball.

Dennis building his first radio, a Heathkit HW-16 ham transceiver, in May 1972.
See the lamp to the left? He built that too!

Our 2 cats! Shadow & Heidi--Heidi grew up to be much larger than Shadow, circa 1996. Shadow later ran away from home.

Shelley, Dennis & Shaun May 1999

Shelley and her Prom date, May 1999

Dennis's kids, circa 1991. Left to right: Nicole, Marisa, Kaleena, Shelley, Shaun.

Some of the kids: right to left, Marisa, Nicole, and Shelley, circa 1991

Marisa and little Justin

Little Justin

Grandmother Younker at Dad's former Kildare St. house.

George B. Younker (Dennis's grandfather) circa 1906. The original is on a metallic plate-the way the old pictures used to be.

Dennis & Pappy trying to figure out what's wrong with that Heathkit radio in Aug, 1972

Sept, 1962 Dennis-in the front of the train, Dave, Vicki and Dennis's friend Billy (standing), in Clairmont (San Diego). That train is probably worth a MINT now!

Dennis & Aunt Jean (Plikay), May, 1999

Granny, Dennis's grandmother (mother's side) (Granny), Sanda Marcella Marjorie Eckberg in the 1920's. Lived 1911-1984

Dennis's grandmother and uncle, (Granny & Karl Morton) in 1967. Karl is about 22 or 23.

Dennis's great grandfather & grandmother , Aaron & Sanda Eckberg. Great uncle Wayne to the left of them, great uncle Merrit to the rear, Granny to the right, and great aunt Vicki in front.

Now, just in case that isn't an old enough picture!!! Charles & Mary Eckberg, Dennis's great great grandparents, with their 11 kids! Dennis's great grandfather, Aaron, is left rear.

Granny in 1961

Dennis's parents wedding announcement in the newspaper in 1956. There is an error in the last paragraph. The Morton's are actually the Younker's in that paragraph.

Dennis's Mom & Uncle Karl, approximate ages 11 and 4

The four Younker kids circa 1974, Dave, Vicki, Dennis, Dan (Dennis's brothers & sister)

The four Younker kids, Dave, Vicki, Dan, Dennis.